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Arsh Rai
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My Expertise

My expertise—developed through eagerness, experience, and university education.

Technical Communication

Technical Communication

Simplify complex information into everyday language
that end users can understand.

Corporate Communication

Marketing Communication

Create content that tell stories and build relationships.

Sustainability Communication

Sustainability Communication

Create your Sustainability Advantage—make an impact where it matters!

Tools I Use

Tools I use to engage audiences for a positive user experience







MadCap Flare








Adobe Captivate

Adobe Acrobat

MS Office Suite


Atlassian JIRA



PeopleSoft CRM



In the ever-changinging world of science and technology, I stay plugged-in to modern tools and technologies.


I believe every technical communications professional must possess basic coding skills to produce content for various platforms. I continuously educate and train myself in various coding and programming languages.

Technical Writing

I use a range of technical writing tools to develop content that meet the needs of a variety of audiences. Some of the tools I regularly use include MadCap Flare, FrameMaker, Acrobat, Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Captivate, and Camtasia.

Use Experience Design

I have a deep interest in understanding the different ways users discover and process information. I use popular software tools to design illustrations, graphics, workflows, and manipulate images to simplify technical information and enhance users’ understanding of the material.

My Story

Arsh Rai

Arsh Rai

Technical Communicator | Content Designer


I am a communications enthusiast who loves good design, technology, and digital lifestyle. I strive to create products and services that help people. I live by the principle that age is just a number and learning is never-ending. I love to inspire and be inspired.


Arsh Rai is a technical communicator based in Ottawa. He enjoys collaborating with technical and business teams to simplify complex subject matters for the end user. He writes and designs communication materials that are easy for users to follow. He has worked with established corporations as well as innovative startups. Arsh holds a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Economics and a Post-graduate Diploma in Marketing. He also achieved a graduate certificate from the highly-regarded Technical Communication program at Seneca College.

What I'm Doing Now

Other than developing technical information for Solace PubSub+ products and managing the documentation portal, I am learning Gatsby.

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